Our Board of Directors


Carlos Rosario

Board Chair

Carlos lived in Santa Clara County his entire life, attending middle school and high school in San Jose. His educational spectrum encompasses a Bachelors and Master's degrees in engineering, as well as a Law degree.

Carlos joined the board of Foothill Community Health Center in 2015 and has spent his time helping the clinic grow while remaining sustainable.

Carlos ensures the safety and accuracy of all board records. He provides the notice of meetings of the board and/or of a committee when such notice is required.


Sy-Dang Tran


He is committed to being part of the board of Foothill Community Health Center. As Treasurer of Foothill Community Health Center, Sy-Dang leads and oversees our practice’s operations and convenes and builds community health outcomes. He is charged with overseeing the management and reporting of our practice’s finances.

His duties include the following: financial management and/or oversight, budgets, reports and financial liaison. He works with the chief executive and chief financial officer of Foothill to ensure that appropriate reports are made available to the board on a timely basis.

Sy-Dang also is responsible for the review of the annual audit and answer board member’s questions about the audit.


Taha Kan

Taha Khan is a resident of Gilroy. He joined the board of Foothill Community Health Center in 2017. Deeply involved in Santa Clara County, he has volunteered his time to local organizations with the goal of promoting community wellness programs. He would like to be part of an organization that can help improve healthcare delivery and ensuring the patients of FCHC can get the care they would like to have.


Norma Advincula

As member of the Board of Directors, Norma would envision Foothill Community Health Center in the next half decade to be one of the leading healthcare providers expanding to reach additional community members and providing healthcare under the principle that all uninsured and underinsured individuals have the right to high quality healthcare at all times with due regard to their personal dignity.

Norma comes from a religious family orientation. Norma highly regards moral values and self-discipline which are values ingrained to her by her parents. Through hard work and perseverance, she obtained postgraduate education in Master of Arts, Master of Management and Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

Norma has a passion for traveling, gardening and listening to music. Her goal in life is to help people especially the underprivileged. For the last four years, she spent her life in San Jose and volunteered to teach Christian values to public school students at St. Victor's Parish Church.

In August 2017, she joined the FCHC Board of Directors to help achieve the mission of Foothill Community Health Center, to provide east San Jose community with high quality, comprehensive and affordable healthcare services.


Karen Levine

Karen’s background started in the Financial Field. Some of the positions included opening accounts and providing excellent customer service. She has also worked in the fields of Medical and Public Education. After moving to the San Jose area in 1996, she continued working with people that had mental health issues. In addition to working and volunteering in the Mental Health, she has been a classroom paraeducator, working in Adult Education and Special Education. For the past several years, she has worked with moderate to severe students that have Autism, one on one or in small groups. She has worked for the local School District since 2000. Karen is not a typical college graduate, she finished her degree from San Jose State University well over the age of 40. Her major is in the field of Psychology.


As a new Board Member, Karen looks forward to utilizing her passion, training, education and volunteer experiences to assist those in need.


Elizabeth Guerrero

Elizabeth Guerrero was born in Tijuana Mexico, she arrived in the United States when she was just two years old. She attended school in the U.S through High School. At the age of nine, she began working in the fields helping her mother. She had her daughter at the age of 18 and began to work to support her family. She found a job at an electronics company, then transferred to a local McDonald’s.

At the age of 20, she got married and decided to take a two-year break from work to take care of her second child. When she returned to the work field, she volunteered for two years at the Alum Rock School District, then she worked 18 years for YMCA, and for the past 7 years, she returned to the Alum Rock School district as a Para Educator.


Estela Camacho

Estella lived in San Jose since her teen years. She attended Overfelt High School and Evergreen Valley College. She has extensive knowledge in sharing the Spanish language to her contemporaries. She taught Sign Language to students that are hard of hearing for the past 13 years.

She is happily dedicated to her husband and two wonderful daughters. She enjoys hiking, cooking traditional Mexican food, and always willing to try food from different countries. She is made aware of the ever changing health care system. It is her desire to participate and volunteer her efforts on caring solutions to her community.


John Davalos

Joseph Davalos has lived in Santa Clara County for most of his life. He started his career interning at Baird Health Wellness Center with a purpose to promote health initiatives, programs, and student wellness. Joseph is currently a Care Navigator for Apple Wellness Center.

Joseph obtained his baccalaureate degree of Public Health from Colby – Sawyer College. His academic interests ranged from mental health, preventative care, sociology, and political studies. Upon graduation, he returned to San Jose, CA to work in the Applied Behavioral Analysis field at Trumpet Behavioral Health. As a Care Coordinator for Sourcewise, Public Authority Services Joseph observed the increasing need for accessible quality health services in the Santa Clara County community.

He is dedicated to Foothill Community Health Center (FCHC) trajectory towards improvement, growth and enhancing community health in Santa Clara County. Joseph joined the Board of Directors, FCHC as a Board Member in 2019. He is very passionate about providing affordable quality healthcare services and FCHC’s mission to “provide our community with high-quality comprehensive affordable medical, dental, and counseling services at our easily accessible health clinics”.